White Wall Protection in West Winch, Norfolk

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White Wall Protection

Nicholls Industrial imports wall protection suited for the food and Beveridge industry

We have witnessed crash test with PCK protections to analyse the energy supported by our suppliers products and their behavior against impacts.

The test results show that PCK bollards and barriers perform better than all others in the market place due to their resistance and elasticity.

PCK protections manufactured with solid high-density polyethylene are designed to bend, with a force of over 10Tm, thereby preventing wall damage.

White Wall Protection in West Winch, Norfolk

The system is core drilled into the existing floor, Our team will install to suit a convenient time to suit you and your workload.

Our system can be repaired or replaced immediately at minimum cost.

The wall protections are mounted separately from the elements to be protected, so they do their job without transmitting the impact.

The solid high-density polyethylene is designed for the food and agricultural industries due to their food quality certification and easy cleaning.

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White Wall Protection in West Winch, Norfolk