Leading UK specialist in hygienic fitout and temperature controlled environments, producer and manufacturer of fragile surface walkways, our innovative roof void break through solution.


Food Production

Our services optimise food production and storage, offering blast freezers, warehousing, cold and chill stores for precise temperature management, and food processing areas tailored for high care and low-risk environments. We also provide hygienic wall cladding to ensure cleanliness and compliance with health standards.


Our engineered firewalls are essential for protecting properties from fire hazards, designed to contain fires and prevent spread. Built with high fire-resistance materials, they ensure safety, compliance with regulations, and peace of mind, making them a crucial feature of modern building design.

Chill Storage

Our cutting-edge chill storage solutions provide precise control over temperature and humidity, guaranteeing the preservation and extended shelf life of crops. Engineered to maintain optimal conditions, our facilities prevent spoilage and uphold quality, adhering to industry standards for superior efficiency and dependability.

Clean Rooms

Our clean room solutions provide precise environmental control, ensuring sterile conditions with advanced technology. We maintain high standards of cleanliness and temperature, catering to industries requiring utmost purity. Tailored for efficiency and compliance, our clean rooms meet the rigorous demands of specialized applications.


Our range of door solutions includes manual and electronic sliding doors for various applications—loading bays, personnel entrances, crash doors, sectional, gas-tight, fire-rated, clean room, and rapid roll doors. Designed for optimal performance, safety, and compliance, our doors streamline operations across multiple settings.

Loading Bays

Our loading bay solutions optimise logistics with efficient design and technology, ensuring smooth and safe goods handling. We incorporate features like dock levellers and shelters for versatility across vehicle types and weather conditions. Tailored for operational efficiency, our loading bays streamline the transition from warehouse to transport, enhancing productivity and safety.

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Our team, is totally aware of the health & saftey requirement for each project rich in experience, brings together expertise and dedication to deliver excellence in every project.


We utilise trusted British manufacturers on every project to design and build your requirements, showcasing the best of UK craftsmanship.


Operating across the country, we provide our services nationwide, ensuring accessibility and excellence no matter your location.


Client satisfaction is at the core of our mission, driving us to exceed expectations with every solution we deliver.


Our project management approach prioritises seamless execution, meticulous planning & safety, ensuring timely and successful project completion.


We source materials and equipment on a nationwide basis, ensuring top-quality inputs and reducing costs for our projects.


Fragile Surface Walkway Systems

Our cutting-edge walkway system revolutionises safety on fragile surfaces, establishing new standards for health and safety in roof voids. Its innovative design significantly enhances protection, contributing to reduced risk factors.

Risk Factors

Health & Safety

Raises the bar for safety within roof voids.

Take control

Resilient & Durable

Designed to minimise costs and time associated with panel replacement.

Drag & Drop

Protects Panel Integrity

Designed to prolong the life span of existing ceiling panel structure from imposed regular foot traffic

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